yo-my-saint-2.jpgLAST night I was walking up the stairs of the underground subway into the dark, frigid, windy hell that was Brooklyn. I got off at a stop that was further from my house but, closer to my favorite neon bar (priorities). I was planning on enjoying a brisk walk to ‘Beccas to join my friend on her tinder date before going home. The night had been, well, it was actually terrible. I was looking forward to a cozy glass of cheap wine and then walking to my loving home (that still doesn’t house a kitchen table). I was fumbling on Spotify the entire train ride trying to load music so I could listen to it while commuting. My thumbs were tip tapping on my phone, reloading and reloading, then I found a newish song by Karen O.
(ugh my heart I’ve loved her since High School and she never fails to impress).

Unfortunately, I got lost and was tracing and retracing my steps in the streets of industrial Brooklyn. Trying to find a street or building that I had seen before. My hair was freezing by the second and my hands could no longer hold onto my phone to look at the map. As I was wandering around the empty streets, the newish song finally loaded and “YO! MY SAINT” shushed the gusts of wind in my ears.

I haven’t stopped listening to it since I heard the first breaths in the first few seconds.

It makes me feel like I’m in love. Its romantic, melodramatic and takes you to unexpected places and spaces. While listening I felt my pace quicken, my eyebrows furl, suddenly I’m determined to do something- go somewhere. Yet, there remains a sense of yearning thats overwhelming.

Halfway through the song everything ceases and Karen takes over, ending the last 2 minutes of the song with soft instruments playing alongside her. It becomes repetitive and dreamy as she repeats the same words over and over again- making them more significant by the verse.

I later read that this single was released as part of a film being produced by the French fashion house Kenzo for a promotional campaign. In doing this Karen combined the worlds of fashion, music and film. Below I’ve provided the links for the short film and the song by Karen O, just love this with me.

“Don’t you know my eyes, my eyes
They’ll see you blue
In blue
My one and only”

YO! MY SAINT- Karen O (film version)
YO! MY SAINT -a film 

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