My Little Place

There’s a specific place that I really enjoy spending time at lately, I discovered it through the social web and I can’t stay away. They have a very interesting set-up. From 7-5 they serve coffee, delicious pastries, in-house soups and filling sandwiches. Accompanying the food and coffee menu is a nice selection of wine and beer. From 5-12 the bustling morning cafe filled with writers, readers, students and those catching up, transitions into a candle lit, quaint bar.

The first time I was there I sat through the transition. Watching the staff light white candles and set them in the middle of the tables, hearing the music grow louder and louder.

The classic wood tables are reminiscent of my grandmothers kitchen table that held my morning eggs and drips of butter pecan ice creme. The floor to ceiling windows and peculiar seating allow you to enjoy the street view of an unfamiliar part of Chinatown. In New York finding a place that delivers amazing coffee and delicious in house food and, pastries is pretty difficult considering there are a lot to weed out. Not to mention the tourists don’t attract here therefore, most of the people here are local which is even more exciting.

Every now and then I would peek up from my notebook or laptop and I’d forget where I was, I’d forget that I was in Manhattan. Through the large glass windows you see fully grown trees covering any evidence of tall city buildings. The abundance of vinyls and random antique decor remind you of a modern take on the late 60’s or early 70’s. This place takes you away, to a place of stillness, romance, and exciting conversations. Its a house for all of those conversations and thoughts that are otherwise disturbed by the tourists or the big attractions that are hard to miss in a city like this.

A friend of mine went with me the very first time and we spent hours working on our creative outlets and chatting in-between. When the sun set and the candles were placed in the middle of the tables we put our books and pens away, shared glasses of wine, booze and had drowsy romantic conversations. We browsed the menu of pastas and cheese platters and decided against the offerings and left. We walked around Manhattan in the empty streets of forgotten parts of the city. The roads were lit with lamps that were blurred by the mist from the earlier rainfall and, we talked and walked down foreign streets the remainder of the night. Blushed and carefree.

Whenever I think of my little place, my “Little Canal”-I associate this sweet memory of this wonderful night that started in a bright, airy cafe that reminds me of my Grandmothers kitchen but, with nicer furniture and better music. I found my sweet little escape and I cant wait to spend more mornings, beginnings of romantic evenings and escapes from the annoyances of day to day life here in this sun filled home.

And HEY, it only took 8 months.

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