Here we go

yeaWELL everyone, here we are its January 2018 and I’ve started a blog. It’s a strange time we’re all living in and it differs dramatically than the one we dreamt of when we were younger. I’ve never been one for “New Years resolutions” or the “new year, new me” but, I can say there is something quite satisfactory about the start of a new day, a Monday, a new month and well, a new year.

For those of you that don’t know me or do know me but don’t “know” me which is frankly more common nowadays. Here is a little information for you about my life.

My name is Sarah Jacqs. I am 20 years old living in Brooklyn, New York with a daily commute to Manhattan for work. At nineteen years old I hopped on a plane to New York. I left my serious relationship, my entire family, my cheap apartment and most of my belongings (only bringing a suitcase and my pillows). Let me tell you, I had a rough beginning but time has been forgiving and I’m truly blossoming in the new world I’m still creating.

Walking around Manhattan and Brooklyn is most likely my favorite hobby aside from writing. In New York, a walk down a couple of blocks or a quick subway ride and suddenly, I’m in a completely different world. That’s my favorite part of living here so far. I fall in love with people dangerously easily, I enjoy black coffee and, I am TERRIBLE at saving numbers and remembering people’s names. My laugh is uncontrollable and I’ve noticed lately that all of my jeans have stupid holes in the knees or other weird places. I love all kinds of flowers and plants and get giggly and turn into a child whenever I dwell in an environment where I’m surrounded by them. So if you ever want to make me smile, well anything with a leaf or thorn would be much appreciated and loved. I’m not the best at finishing books and by that I mean I never finish them BUT, I’ll read most of it and then talk about them as if I finished it. This last year I’ve really claimed my womanhood and taken hold of my title as a woman and what that means to me; not to other people. Often in times of discomfort and conflict I’ll repeat my mantra “I’m a goddamn woman” (and yes it makes me feel 10x better). I moved to New York as a dreamer and I’m still dreaming ya see.

So why did I decide to begin this blog? My goal is to use this website as a funnel for my personal life and experiences, my Brooklyn and Manhattan outings, interesting current events, my poetry/prose, pop-culture I’m interested in and most of all a place to share a piece of my life with all of you. The truth is, the everyday life of Sarah Jacqs is slightly entertaining in its clumsiness and curiosity whilst discovering little New York. I’ve come here to document the amusing moments on subways, the melancholy thoughts in my mind and the ups and downs of the everyday life of a regular shmegular woman.

(Hopefully a lot more ups than downs.)

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